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ncis_review's Journal

NCIS Review
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a girl likes to be thought of first.  
Welcome to ncis_review, a community for discussion about TV's NCIS - whether it be latest episodes, reruns, character dynamics or a little bit of fangirling.

can't you two agree to disagree?  
A few things you should know before you post here.
♥ This is a friendly community - there will be no bashing of characters, actors and ljers. Our policy is 'if you can't say something nice, don't say it'.
♥ Don't forget your lj cut! See the FAQ post to see how it's done.
Spoiler Warnings go on every single episode from Season 4.
♥ This is a place of discussion. As much as I love fic and fan art, this is not the place to post it. I highly recommend ncisfanfic for any fic you'd like to post on LJ.

Read the FAQ

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