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1. This is a friendly community - there will be no bashing of characters, ships, actors or ljers. Our policy is 'if you can't say something nice, don't say it'. Feel free to write, examine, make up an interpretive dance about any aspect of the show, but we're aiming for peaceful co-existence here.

2. Don't forget your lj cut! It's really easy:
<*lj-cut* text="Title of cut here">Discussion-episode-reviewy-debate here Don't forget to remove the stars.

LJ-cuts keep people from being spoiled, flists remain neat and easy to read and it makes the community load faster.

3. Spoiler Warnings go on every single episode from Season 4. International fans aren't as up-to-date with NCIS episodes - Australia is only just up to Hiatus. So every episode review, character discussion, fangirl squee that comes from Season 4 is put under an LJ cut, with Spoilers for Season 4: Episode/Character Name above the LJ cut.

4. This is a place of discussion. Fic and fanart will be deleted on sight.

5. </b>Feel free to post questions</b> but please, check the "Questions" tag first, because your question might have been asked before. :)

6. Please tag your posts by episode name or character. If you need a tag that hasn't been added, just ask here.
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